Loan in the new year. Is it worth it?

You also need to think about whether we can collect the estimated amount of debt within the prescribed period. Having issued a loan for a moment, it is enough to present a valid and undamaged identity card, in the case of an online service, it is necessary to send a scan of the document to the specified e-mail address and confirm the existence of a Bank account. Quickly, without certificates, for any purpose and without guarantors you will receive the funds necessary to repair the car, repair the apartment and other important cases for you.

Passing through the streets of the city, of course, not seen, were thrown from afar the inscription “credits”, “service” and others delight us with the debt itself, the slogans. However, before we fool ourselves with encouraging advertising, it’s worth learning more about the institution that seduces us so beautifully. Agencies outside of the providing banking loans is legally operating enterprises often this is a company commercial law in Norway about mini loans is very important.

Contracts must be drawn up in accordance with the current provisions of the Consumer Credit Act. However, these institutions are not under the control of the Financial Supervision Commission, which enables these organizations to borrow large amounts of interest, commissions and other payments per unit. To be able to ” lose to receive funds you need to have Polish citizenship and be an adult confirms this with a valid passport. Other evidence, such as employment and income, is rarely required. This does not change the fact that we will be an agent asked to give the full name of the employer and the amount of income, however, it does not matter the form of employment, that is, the type of contract.

Amount of money which is important

The amounts that they give the Agency is not large, from 100 rubles to 10,000 rubles. Sometimes it’s possible to offer bigger amounts of money but it’s rather not a normal process. Usually people are interested in less money and think that minilån norge is quite interesting kind of loans, so why not? The purpose of the loan service is only to cover current expenses or purchases for a special occasion. Keep in mind that a moment is borrowed for a while, that is, for a short time. On average, we can assume that it is 15 days, and you can not exceed this term, if we are not afraid of interest for late payment.

In almost every city and on every street you can find ads relating to agencies that provide quick loans. What is a quick loan? Simply put, it can be explained that this is a shift of funds from the credit institution account to the client’s account. What are the main goals of the service loan? The main purpose of this solution is a short-term załatanie holes in the family budget, current accounts, new equipment at a reasonable price and that only allow imagination.